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Our Approach

At The Prestonville Arms we strive to make healthful and satisfying food accessible to all.

Since September of 2016 we’ve taken a local and thoughtful approach to our flour free forward menu and relaxed dining room experience. This allows you to continue to live healthy while enjoying your food in comfort. We love the idea of indulging in your well-being. To that end, our menu pushes beyond vegetables into beef and chicken but with that same focus on healthful, whole foods. Gather around, get comfortable and enjoy Munkeechops kitchen.


“I am dedicated to seriously yummy food as I know it brings people together”



Meet Munkeechops


Neil Parker AKA Munkeechops, began his culinary career at the age of 15, learning and working his way up from dishwasher in Mansfield. From there he began his career in the kitchens of London creating vegan and macrobiotic foods in Carlton Club in Westminster.

At the age of 20, Munkeechops joined the forces of the The Mirabelle Restaurant, Award Winning Eastbourne Restaurant at The Grand Hotel. There, he learned to harness the power of simple British ingredients, and how to coax the best flavours out of fresh, local food.  The last 6 years Munkeechops has been creating mouth-watering menus at The Connaught, situated just up from the Hove seafront.

Now, Neil fuses his creativity at Prestonville Arms, with his passion for simplicity and fresh, local ingredients. The approachable food he has created is that of a traditional pub, tempered by a dash of his own eccentricity. Neil has got into gluten free cooking about a year ago when he realised a lot of his friends and customers were Coeliacs.

“I have a passion for making tasty real good food with a twist.”

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